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Directed by Joseph Pierson
Screenplay by Mike Jones
Starring Bill Sage & Bill Dawes
Edited by Alex Albanese
Cinematography by Tim Orr
Producers Fernando S. Cano II & Joseph Pierson
Executive Producer Jon Glascoe
Music by Joel Goodman
Songs by Mike Doughty

Set in a dirt-poor neighborhood in the fictional city of San Lovisa, Texas, EvenHand tells the story of two very different cops, working together for the first time. Rob Francis, recently divorced, finds the adjustment from his previous assignment in "Sleepytown" difficult. With his new partner, the volatile Ted Morning, he spends his days breaking up domestic disputes and attempting to make sense of a parade of lowlifes, firebugs and junkies. Morning is the original Texas cowboy, all muscle and bravado: arrest 'em first, ask questions later.

The characters and events in EvenHand subtly intertwine until Francis and Morning must both face the consequences of their very different approaches to the job.

Filmed on location in San Antonio, Texas, EvenHand is a police story, but it's not about car chases or shoot-outs. It's about two cops struggling to survive in a world where, without warning, numbing routine can give way to primal fear.

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Here's the Sundance Channel version:

Abandoning familiar cliches, director Joseph Pierson and writer Mike Jones present a wry, social-realist portrait of two beat cops in a small Texas town. Bill Sage and Bill Dawes play the pair of oddly matched patrol officers, who spend their days answering domestic abuse complaints, busting graffiti artists and dealing with local juvenile delinquents. By capturing the subtle rhythms and weighty frustrations of the daily routine, EvenHand reveals a fresh, naturalistic view of the ultimate realities of police life in contemporary America. TV14 (AC, AL, V)

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Here's the AFI Fest version:

"You wanna help people? You arrest them. That's what you do; you're a cop." Those are the words of wisdom Officer Ted Morning offers new partner Officer Rob Francis during his first week on the job in San Lovisa, Texas.

Equal parts cocky high school quarterback and rugged cowboy, Morning (Bill Sage) finds joy in the minutiae of small town cop life, flashing a lurid grin while he lights a prostitute's cigarette or manhandles a teenage dope dealer. Francis is quickly dubbed "Saint Francis" by civilians who can't help but compare his mellow nature to Morning's rabid bullying. Although seemingly polar opposites, the two partners slowly adjust to each other's style in the midst of the unpredictable aggression that punctuates the slow atmosphere of country life.

Directed by Joseph Pierson, EVENHAND is a methodically paced and devastating film that follows Officers Francis and Morning around San Lovisa as they eat muffins, investigate automobile accidents and ultimately recognize that danger and boredom are hazardous bedfellows.

- Amy Nicholson

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Here's the German version:

Zwei Polizisten fahren zum ersten Mal zusammen Streife in einer trostlosen Kleinstadt in Texas. Schnell schleift sich bei den beiden unterschiedlichen Charakteren das alte Spiel vom Good Cop und Bad Cop ein. Während der eine in den Nachbarschaftskonflikten vermitteln will, gibt der andere den Texas Cowboy, der erst schießt und dann fragt. Und obwohl sie es nur mit der üblichen Kleinkriminalität des White Trashs zu tun haben, eskaliert der Konflikt. Joseph Pierson schafft es, dem alten Motiv vom Cop-Duo einen authentischen, fast dokumentarischen Touch zu geben.

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Here's the Swedish version:

"Vill du hjälpa folk? Arrestera dem". Dessa visdomsord erbjuder Ted Morning sin nya partner Rob under hans första vecka på jobbet i småstaden i Texas. De har motsatta personligheter som tvingas anpassa sig. Ändå är EvenHand ingen vanlig kriminalfilm utan ett stark socialrealistiskt drama och kanske den sannaste polisfilmen hittills. Genom att överge de vanliga klichéerna presenterar regissören Joseph Pierson och manusförfattaren Mike Jones ett fräscht naturalistiskt synsätt på livet i dagslägets Amerika. Hal Hartley - favoriten Bill Sage är fenomenal i huvudrollen.

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