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"Evenhand remarkably mirrors the life of law enforcement officers and, in my research, is the first film (television or movie) that accurately portrays the difficult balance of personal and professional life. Moreover, it depicts the balance of justice, which continues to actually be uneven thus making the film a moving and stirring reflection of 'what is and what can be.' As a career law enforcement officer and criminal justice professor, I believe the film resonates in our industry and provides a gripping and unique character study. I have used it in my classrooms since its release. Our police axiom is now 'You can't be everybody's friend'!" --- Brian A. Kinnaird, Ph.D

"San Lovisa comes to life on the screen with a vividness of local atmosphere such as most movies have forgotten about." - Scott Foundas, Variety

"Evenhand simply represents the best of what independent film has to offer." - Merle Bertrand,

"EvenHand moves deftly from insightful character study to endearing 'buddy flick' " - Scott Weinberg,

"Bill Sage chews the scenery in an intense performance that is both fierce and vulnerable." - Matt Mulcahey,

"A superior indy cop film." - Dennis Schwartz, Ozus' World

"A satisfying, realistic must-see." - Dallas Morning News

"The kind of fresh, well-crafted film we haunt festivals hoping to see." - Jane Sumner, The Dallas Morning News

"An arresting film worth staking out." - Joe O'Connell, Austin American-Statesman

"A sharply acted little gem." - Chris Hewitt, St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Excellent." - Christopher Bahn, The Minneapolis Rake

"A little jewel of human drama." - Pasatiempo, the New Mexican

"It's solid in the three major categories (direction, writing, acting), which is more often than not the indication of a good movie -- and that's ultimately the best description of EvenHand." - Warren Curry,

 "A quietly powerful film" - The Scotsman, Edinburgh

 - The List, Edinburgh

"The rookie cop teamed with cynical old hand may be a familiar pattern, but there's something refreshing about Pierson's approach." - The Guardian, London

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