HOW IT ALL BEGAN                                     8/11/99

Welcome to the EvenHand Journal. The early stages of pre-production being what they are, today is the closest we'll get to a day we can formally define as Day One, so here we go.

First, here's some brief background information on EvenHand.  I met a fellow producer, René Bastian, at a party a couple of years ago.  We got to talking about projects and people, and he mentioned that he had a script that he thought I would like.  The script was called Uncertain, Texas.  I liked it and eventually met the writer, Mike Jones.  He asked if I would be interested in seeing another script he wrote, EvenHand.  I read it and loved it.  Mike and I corresponded off-and-on via e-mail for the next year and a half about the script.  I would send him notes, which after discussion always resulted in a new and improved draft of the screenplay.  Finally, towards the end of post-production on Cherry, I felt the script was good enough to show to my partner, Jon.  Jon shared my enthusiasm for Mike's work and we agreed that EvenHand should be our next project.

- Joseph Pierson


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