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February 5, 2008

These are the talented kids featured in our first music video.

We will soon be announcing the development of our first Broadway Musical. We will also shortly post a link to YouTube, where you will find our first music video, a cover of "A Certain Romance" by Artic Monkeys. The as-yet-unnamed band is pictured above. In the meantime, please click on the links below to read about the projects featured in our business plan for the financing of four feature films. A full description of each of the films can be found on our DEVELOPMENT PAGE, or a click on any one of the four film titles below will take you there.

Cypress goes to Scotland! Jess & Jon share some love and the piper pipes.


We are also pleased to announce that MovieMaker Magazine published a series of three articles written by Joseph Pierson and his colleague and friend, Bruno Coppola, containing much practical advice for filmmakers, based on their experiences on the film festival circuit, as follows:

Page 100 of the Festival Beat section of the Summer 2006 issue (No. 64, Volume 13)

Page 88 of the Exhibition & Promotion section of the 2007 Guide to Making Movies (No. 65, Volume 13)

Page 92 of the Festival Beat section of the Fall 2006 issue (No. 66, Volume 13)
If the above file takes a long time to load, it's because it has lots of spiffy graphics.
Here is a smaller, lower-resolution version

Not a subscriber to MovieMaker? We highly recommend it! Click on the MovieMaker logo above for more information.

Where I can rent or buy EvenHand?
Where I can rent or buy A Child's Christmas in Wales?
Where I can rent or buy Cherry?
What about Harrison Bergeron???

Three of our past films are now available on DVD for the first time:

was released on DVD by Warner Home Video in January 2007

Click here to shop on or visit our Julian Po page for more information and to view stills, reviews and a synopsis of the film.

A Child's Christmas in Wales DVD - Hen's Tooth Video

was released on DVD by Hen's Tooth Video on November 1, 2005.

To order a copy, please follow this link to or compare prices on Movies Unlimited, DVD Planet, DeepDiscountDVD Barnes&, and DVD Empire. The DVD can also be ordered by phone from Movies Unlimited at (800) 668-4344. Hats off to Alliance Atlantis and Hen's Tooth for finally bringing A Child's Christmas in Wales to DVD!

By happy coincidence,

Cherry DVD - Showcase Entertainment

was released on DVD by Ventura Distribution on November 15, 2005.

To order a copy, please follow this link to or compare prices on Buy Innovations, DVD Empire, DeepDiscountDVD,, and Movies Unlimited. The DVD can also be ordered by phone from Movies Unlimited at (800) 668-4344. Thanks to Showcase Films and Ventura for bringing Cherry to DVD!

Tim Bohn and Sarah Bloom on the set of City of Dreams

City of Dreams is a short film starring Tim Bohn and Sarah Bloom, written and directed by Joseph Pierson. The film will be posted on YouTube soon! Some of Lovisa and Charlie's lovely still photographs from the film are now posted on the site along with a brief production journal. Please click on the link above.

EvenHand DVD - Arts Alliance America
The EvenHand DVD

Here's some information on where you can find EvenHand on DVD and VHS:

Hollywood Video is stocking the film, as are a number of smaller chains and mom & pop stores. Blockbuster offers it on their website, but they are not stocking it in their stores. It is, however, widely available at many other retailers online. Here are some links:

Hollywood Video
Rent or buy the DVD or VHS. Click on the title or logo to find the store nearest you. Here's a link to their description of EvenHand.

Netflix has the film, too.
Compare prices and read reviews at
EvenHand was available at 8 listed e-retailers: Amazon, Movies Unlimited, CD Connection,, Barnes & Noble,, CD Universe and Deep Discount DVD. Prices varied from $13.50 (Deep Discount DVD) to $22.49 (all prices without shipping). There was only one review posted on epinions last time I checked (five stars).
They offer used DVDs of EvenHand from $12.99 and new ones for $21.24 (list is $24.99). also offers new ones for the exact same price.

okay, fine, I won't copy your stupid logo

Excalibur Films
"The best of both worlds" -- they've got adult titles and films for the whole family! EvenHand is $17.48. They've posted a not bad synopsis and a pre-release graphic of the DVD box. Interesting.

Rotten Tomatoes
They've posted a number of reviews harvested from here and there on the web.
Badmouth Movies
How can ALL of these sites be #1? That doesn't seem possible. But, if they say so, it must be true. A decent little synopsis, but no rating, no picture, no reviews and they credit me as "Producer" only. Hmmm. And it's less expensive at Excalibur and loads cheaper at Deep Discount DVD.

Don't forget to visit the EvenHand Store. We offer EvenHand posters, T-shirts and SLPD shoulder patches, as well as the popular "FAT COP" tank top. There is some lively trading going on in the SLPD shoulder patch department, so if you have a police patch you're interested in trading, please visit the EvenHand store or send an email.

The EvenHand listing on the Internet Movie Database has accumulated some votes and many reviews, but more of both are always welcome. If you have seen the film, please take a minute and register your vote there. Thanks to all who have posted great reviews! Here's a link:

In other news, Harrison Bergeron, our & Alliance Atlantis' adaptation of the Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. short story, has begun its journey to DVD. Based on the Harrison Bergeron message boards on IMDb, there is considerable interest in the film going back into print. Please check the Cypress site for updates.

- Joseph Pierson

Cosmo Inserra as
Cosmo Inserra as Buster in Lovisa's eponymous directorial debut.
Buster is now on the film festival circuit. For more information, visit the BUSTER WEBSITE.

NYC Bloggers
Hey! Tell all your friends -- we're on the map!

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Never Forget
Read the 9/11/06 EvenHand Journal entry, "To Never Forget" by Kevin Boyle

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