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Friday  November 4, 2005

by Matthew Jansky

Things that make other things work... sometimes

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I am pleased to offer another guest blogger a forum for his creative writing talents. Today we are once again featuring the mad genius of Matt Jansky. You will recall his last entry, Holly Happidays. Matt returns to the pages of the EvenHand journal with another topical essay which I am certain one and all will find enlightening.

By Matthew Jansky

Today, I read that the Canadians played the Penguins in the National Hockey League. What a spectacle that must have been! There are surely millions of Canadians (and I assume that they all played. The paper didn't say, "some Canadians play some penguins") and God knows how many penguins, hundreds of thousands at least -- Grand Emperor, little North Africans.  What an epic contest! The keen intelligence of the Canadians pitted against the crafty little birds that have survived for eons in the harshest place on earth. Millions of players, two goals, one puck. Jesus, where the hell did they play? It must have been Lake Huron, right? I bet it was Lake Huron.

Anyway, apparently the penguins won, and I thought, "Shit, this game was over so soon? They get all these Canadians and penguins on Greyhound buses (I'm sure that's how they traveled, anything else would be too expensive) and they're on the road for probably months getting to Lake Huron, and the game is over in ONE DAY?" I figured the game would go on for weeks, maybe with snowmobiles involved, subsets of the defense and offense camping on the ice and in yurt-like structures, fishing, living off the land, and maybe at night, like the German and French soldiers in World War I, they make campfires and declare informal truces, singing songs and doing native dances, joking about women, before they wake up at dawn to do battle again...

Anyway, back to work. Great things to be done.

Copyright 2005 Matthew Jansky, All Rights Reserved - reprinted by permission

Quote of the Day:

"I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."
The late George Best

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