Monday  December 16, 2002


Happy Holidays!

I received an email the other day from the Edinburgh International Film Festival asking to screen EvenHand. Apparently they had heard "great things" about the film as a result of the AFI Fest screenings. I sent the tape and soon after received another email asking if they could include EvenHand in their Early Spring showcase. I said "Yes, please."

So, EvenHand will screen a couple of times over the weekend of March 14-16, 2003 as one of a total of nine films that the Edinburgh Film Festival will be presenting during that weekend. It's like a mini-version of the August festival. The best thing about it (besides being part of the Edinburgh Festival) is that it is a very small group of films. There's no chance of us getting lost in the crowd at this event.

EvenHand will also screen in March 2003 at the Memphis International Film Festival. Our last film, Cherry, screened there courtesy of the Memphis Film Forum before they actually had a film festival. They're now in their 4th year and we're excited to be going back to Elvis's home town.

Now for some more AFI Fest pictures:

Linda & Lovisa are big fans of Richard Farnsworth

I adore Isabel Jewell

Cosmo flips for Hal Fishman

- Joseph Pierson

PS - Did you read the EvenHand Variety review? Click on the left arrow below.


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