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Thursday  September 23, 2004


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In my last entry I said that the Munich Film Festival would probably be the last one. This is simply not true and I regret the error.  EvenHand will be screening at the Norrköpings Film Festival Flimmer in Norrköping, Sweden on October 10th and 11th. So, go to Mapquest and get directions. I will certainly be urging Lovisa and all her Swedish mafia friends to tell their non-expat pals and relatives to attend, assuming it's not the Swedish equivalent of Newark.

In the meantime, here's the usual promotional yadda yadda:

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As always, I am more than happy to do for other police departments what we did for San Antonio's Bexar County widows and orphan's fund, the 100 Club. We made a print available for two benefit screenings that raised more than $6000. If you want to discuss doing something similar for your department, shoot me an e-mail.

The EvenHand links page has many new and interesting links, so please give it a visit. We also have a spiffy new link graphic (below). If you put it on your site, we will put your graphic and link on ours.

And don't forget to visit the EvenHand Store. We offer EvenHand posters, T-shirts and SLPD shoulder patches, as well as the insanely popular "FAT COP" tank top. There is some lively trading going on in the SLPD shoulder patch department, so if you have a police patch you're interested in trading, please also visit the EvenHand store or send an email.

The EvenHand listing on the Internet Movie Database has accumulated some votes, but more are always welcome. If you have seen the film, please take a minute and register your vote there. Thanks to all who have left great reviews on the IMDb site! Here's a link:

- Joseph Pierson

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