Sunday  August 31, 2003


Two fine specimens, some summer, somewhere

I am such a miserably bad blogger. I don't post journal entries every day -- or even once a month these days. Now that I'm finally writing again, I am too embarrassed to put everything in a single journal entry, so I will pretend that I have posted several entries over the course of the last couple of months.

Shingle Island, Maine

A pretty good excuse is that the family unit and I drove across country from Maine to Colorado. I guess that's not entirely across the country, but pretty damn far. The primary observation: there is a whole hell of a lot of corn growing in the USA. There are also an incredible number of beautiful tiny towns with no one in them. Almost every one has a movie palace, sometimes actually still showing films, and innumerable empty storefronts. I guess nobody wants to live in South Dakota or Nebraska or Kansas or Wisconsin anymore.

The highlights included Carhenge in Alliance, NE, built of old cars painted flat gray and arranged in the exact same configuration as Stonehenge; the Mammoth paleontological site in Hot Springs, SD and the Johnson Wax Building in Racine, Wisconsin (also home to the world famous Danish kringle -- yum!). The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI was also awe-inspiring, especially the newly restored Rosa Parks bus, which you can actually sit in and R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion house, a real treat for the fans of wonky architecture. Oh, yeah, there was the Corn Palace, too, in Mitchell, SD. A big disappointment, if you ask me. It was kind of tatty looking and not nearly as cool as the postcards suggest.

I got an excited call from Bill Dawes the other day: "Go to the supermarket, buy the Globe and turn to page 3." I did, and who should I find but Farrah Fawcett, sporting our very own fetching "FAT COP" tank top shirt. Even better, the "" web address was actually legible. Heck, we probably got three or four orders, thanks to Farrah! Anyway, she's now featured prominently on the T-Shirt page and sales have definitely picked up since she has become to EvenHand what Morgan Fairchild is to Old Navy.

But, how, you may reasonably ask, did Farrah get a "FAT COP" tank top? It was way back at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin (SXSW). Liss Russell, bless her heart, was ruthlessly promoting the film, as always, and she happened upon Farrah at a party. Here's the story, such as it is.

Upon return to NYC after the big road trip, I set myself to preparing for the flurry of fall festivals. The first up was the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland. The next journal entry will tell you all there is to know about that.

- Joseph Pierson


I noticed the other day that the EvenHand listing on the Internet Movie Database has started getting votes. If you have seen the film (and liked it -- don't be mean!), please take a minute and register your vote there. Here's a link:



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