Sunday  July 1, 2001


Siberia Tattoos
These aren't the Roof Girls, but they'll have to do.

I haven't been writing about the post production process, principally because there's not much to say about me and Lovisa sitting in a dark room clicking away on the Avid. The process is loads of fun, but not much inspiration for writing. We did have an amusing time on Wednesday, though.

After hours of staring at the Avid screen and watching as Lovisa finessed another cut, I heard sirens outside. I got up to investigate, not because hearing sirens in New York is notable in any way, but because I was tired and needed a break. We looked out the window and saw six or seven fire trucks pulling up to the front of our building, the Film Center. My first reaction was to crane my neck and see if there was smoke billowing out of any of the building's windows. Nope.

Lovisa and I watched the firefighters mill around with their hoses and oxygen tanks for a few moments. As we watched, though, I kept hearing what sounded like a child's voice yelling from across the street without being able to figure out where it was coming from. I finally looked at one of the roofs of the tenement buildings on the opposite side of 9th Avenue and saw a young woman with a glass of wine. She was frantically waving at us. We waved back. She asked us if we were on fire. We allowed as how we weren't. She then invited us to join her on her roof.

The perfect break from the editing grind. Lovisa grabbed a bottle of wine she had bought that morning and off we went. We had a very nice time sitting and chatting with Katie and Lily. In the small world department, it turns out that Katie had interviewed for an office PA position on Cherry.

It was interesting seeing the opposite view from the one I have been gazing at for the past seven years -- and nice to be outdoors for a change. We polished off Lovisa's bottle, said our goodbyes and went back into our dark room. Click, click, click. The movie is coming together bit by bit.

- Joseph Pierson


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