Tuesday  February 25, 2003


The Cypress Babes hit Venice Beach

Well, plenty of stuff has been happening here. It has mostly been prospective, though, which accounts for the lack of journal entries. The big news is that EvenHand has been accepted at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin (March 7 - 16). For details on screening times, places and the kick-ass EvenHand ASCAP SXSW party featuring the music of MIKE DOUGHTY and LOS MESCALEROS, please visit the Film Festival page.

EvenHand has also been accepted at the Florida Film Festival, where it will play in competition with ten other American independent feature films. The only problem is that SXSW and the Florida Festival are simultaneous. So, I will bounce back & forth a bit, attending all three SXSW screenings and the jury screening & closing night gala in Florida. It should be a busy but fun week.

Our little film will also screen at the Memphis International Film Festival (late March), the Nashville Independent Film Festival (late April) and the Edinburgh International Film Festival (August). You may recall that we were supposed to screen at the Edinburgh Early Spring Showcase, but the event was canceled. The good news is that they bumped us up to the August event, which is, frankly, much more prestigious.

So, I urge you to visit the Film Festival page and check out the dates & times for all of the above festivals. Any new festivals will be added there, too.

My dear mom-in-law sent me the following article from USA Today:

Gee, I hope some little distributor with deep pockets reads that article right before screening EvenHand.

Several people have asked me if I liked Training Day. I never saw it. The thought was too terrifying. On the surface, it's the same film as EvenHand: two cops, the idealistic kid and his world-weary partner, fight their way through the job. With tragic consequences. Knowing just that much about it, I didn't want there to be even a hint of influence one way or the other as I was editing Evenhand. I've heard it's pretty good, but a very different film than mine. EvenHand is much more about the subtle shifts in color between black & white, as opposed to the clearly delineated good & bad of that other film.

How about some more AFI Fest pictures?

Nirvan the Box Man at home

The Box Man & his mom

Linda does the Cinerama Dome dance

- Joseph Pierson

PS - Did you read the EvenHand Variety review? Click on the left arrow below.


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