Saturday  January 31, 2004


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A Bulgarian, Me & Lorraine Vonnegut in Santa Fe

As predicted, EvenHand is now out on DVD and video. I was in upstate New York a couple of weeks ago tinkering with the script for Escalate and thought I'd check the local video store to see if they had EvenHand in stock. It was a Hollywood Video store and they did indeed have it in the "New Releases" section. Then, when I returned to NYC, I went to my favorite neighborhood video store, the Movie Place on 105th Street and Broadway to see if they had it. Two for two! But, I have heard that it is by no means everywhere. Blockbuster lists it on their website, but does not seem to be stocking it in their stores. It is widely available online, though. Here are a few links:

Compare prices and read reviews at
EvenHand was available at 8 listed retailers: Amazon, Movies Unlimited, CD Connection,, Barnes & Noble,, CD Universe and Deep Discount DVD. Prices varied from $13.50 (Deep Discounts) to $22.49 (all prices without shipping). There was only one review posted when I checked (five stars).
They offer used DVDs of EvenHand from $12.99 and new ones for $21.24 (list is $24.99). also offers new ones for the exact same price.

Excalibur Films
"The best of both worlds" -- they've got adult titles and films for the whole family! EvenHand is $17.48. They've posted a not bad synopsis and a pre-release graphic of the DVD box. Interesting.

Rotten Tomatoes
They've posted eight reviews harvested from here and there on the web.

Badmouth Movies
How can ALL of these sites be #1? That doesn't seem possible. But, if they say so, it must be true. A decent little synopsis, but no rating, no picture, no reviews and they credit me as "Producer" only. Hmmm. And, it's cheaper at Excalibur and loads cheaper at Deep Discount DVD.

There are more listings, but why would you bother?

I'm now directing most of my time toward getting Escalate up and running, although Mike Jones and I will be putting our heads together soon to look into the possibility of making a TV series out of EvenHand. I think it's a great idea, but the series business is a pretty closed shop. We'll see.

I am also more than happy to do for other police departments what we did for San Antonio's Bexar County widows and orphan's fund, the 100 Club. We made a print available for two benefit screenings that raised more than $6000. If you want to discuss doing something similar for your department, shoot me an e-mail.

And don't forget to visit the EvenHand Store. We offer EvenHand posters, T-shirts and SLPD shoulder patches, as well as the insanely popular "FAT COP" tank top.

- Joseph Pierson

Me, Bill Dawes, SAPD PO Richard Hodge and Bill Sage

The EvenHand listing on the Internet Movie Database has started getting votes. If you have seen the film, please take a minute and register your vote there. Thanks to all who have left great reviews on the IMDb site! Here's a link:


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