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It's an honour to be corresponding with you...but it makes my teeth hurt that McG is famous and you aren't! Anyway, I am an Officer with the _______ _______ ______ Agency.
A few things about your excellent film...one is that I showed it to my Dad, a 26 year veteran street cop, and he loved it. Another thing, when I was teaching at our college, I recommended it to our new recruits. I like to use a few Morning lines when educating the new recruits, such as "you can't be everybody's friend", "you're a cop, you arrest people", and "things are just a little more sudden down here" (we had an officer shot a year and a half ago here and it freaks some people out). Anyway, awesome film and thanks for taking the time to talk. (5/01/14)

Where do I get my hands on one of those San Lovisa patches? Trade one of mine for it for sure....this is probably the best cop movie nobody ever heard of. Every cop is a mixture of Francis and Morning, imho....most people would call me Morning lol.
(Posted to YouTube 4/24/14)

Dear Mr. Pierson,

I am a German fan of your movie "Evenhand". I only watched it once back in 2009 on German television and missed the first 15 minutes but still it is one of my all time favourite movies. It is so brilliantly directed and Sage and Dawes did their jobs so well! I have been amazed by the pace of the film: These slow, thoughtful sections really make it stand out. And I just love how the more or less ordinary encounters of the police men support their character development. I have never watched any other buddy cop-themed movie like yours in all my life!

I really want to own a personal copy on DVD and watch it with my friends. Unfortunately the movie is impossible to be bought here in Germany because it has not been published in Europe. Streaming is not an option either since it is not as common as in the US and I personally doubt that this will change anytime soon. I searched the internet for hours but I can't find the movie anywhere. I even contacted the people at the TV channel that broadcasted it if they plan to show the movie once more but it has not been on TV since I watched it.

Do you know of any way to get the movie? I mean there is a German synchronisation of it - there must be some way to get it around here, right? I would really appreciate a hint on where to get it.

Thanks for your help and even more so for your great movie. (2/15/13)

I keep hoping the film makes it to the rarified air of cult status. Hope you continue to put out similar work. (2/08/13)

"EvenHand" is such a great cop-movie. It should be available worlwide. To my opinion it can easily keep up with films like LA Crash or Brooklynīs Finest.

I hope you have success in your plan. I will be the first to buy it in Germany!

I realized recently that you're also the director... great job Joseph! (1/02/12)

Mr. Pierson:

I'm a Kansas police officer and criminal justice professor and bought this film when it was first released. I've been showing the film every year since then as an independent project for students in my policing class. It is my favorite film in terms of hard core, real-life police work with wit, wisdom, and charm. The students have loved it since.

Interestingly, I never paid attention to its background until I moved to San Antonio this year. I've researched the website and made all of the San Antonio connections now. The Pig Stand is now the "Hog Stand" and is a great restaurant but a biker bar. The taco shop was closed down about two years after the film was released.

Anyhow, I wanted to say thank you and appreciated your work and the work of your staff and actors to make this a long-withstanding film in our criminal justice business!


Brian Kinnaird (2/09/11)

This is such a great movie. One of the best nobody ever heard of. Your movie is one of the movies I mention when people talk about good unheard of movies. I work with movie buffs and I always tell people about it. (YouTube 9/10)

Great film...I can't believe it's so unknown. (YouTube 9/09)

Dear Mr. Pierson,

I'm e-mailing you thanking you for the marvelous film EvenHand. I was turned onto your film by John P____ of Waterbury Vt. Who used to serve in the sheriff's department in San Antonio.

After hearing how excited John was seeing something of the places he used to patrol and some of the things he was familiar with (criminals holding signs describing their crime) I picked up the movie and was greatly impressed.

I like your approach to something of familiar genre.

I serve as a Corrections Officer for the Clinton County Sheriff's Department in New York and I loved your movie. It was so dynamic. It really showed two sides of law enforcement. Something I think many people misunderstand. Sometimes the guy you think is better isn't always, and the guy you think shouldn't be a cop is the better one.

I know Corrections is a different aspect, but you see a lot of the same situations. Dealing with people, dangerous situations, contraband... I find as a CO you wear a lot of different hats. Big brother, counseler, detective, enforcer.. I wanted to take the time to thank you for putting out such a realistic "cop" movie.

I'm sure you don't really have the time to read this, but I find your picture really moving, and I'd like to say thank you. When I watched this movie with my wife she realized some of the same parallels with my own department, and what I do.

If you could only direct a movie about corrections officers that is as realistic as EvenHand.

So thank you!!! (2/04/08)

Hi Joe, Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us a copy of your film. We had a "screening" of it last week...w/ my childhood friend and her two sons (aged 16 & 20...) and we all LOVED it! So impressive, Joe. You are a great director and told the story so well. And what a story it is--tense, uncomfortable, raw, real. You have a great eye, your pacing was perfect, loved the way the beginning and end tie in, etc. It was a wonderful evening and we scored major points w/ the boys for knowing you. (6/28/07)

This is the best movie ever, it has made me a better cop. (6/27/07)

Thank you - Evenhand is by far one of the best police movies I have ever seen. I related to alot of it and found it more real than people know. (1/14/07)

you got robbed, joseph. that movie should have gotten you worldwide plaudits and buckets of cash. as i have said to you many times before, it was the best cop movie i've ever seen. and i know cops. (9/07/06)

finally i watched EvenHand........what a wonderful movie! i laughed and i cried, this movie has al the important things that i like in a movie; humor, drama and a little bit of romance and with the right music. (5/16/06)

Thank you for sending Evenhand. We enjoyed pretty much everything about the film. Wonderful performances, storytelling, production, and of course, directing. (4/17/06)

LOVED your movie!  I thought Bill Sage and Bill Dawes were a delight to watch.  What a well produced and directed film... PS. LOVED the music too.  What a cool little film. (3/20/06)

I enjoyed EvenHand very much.  I spent 28 years on both the Detroit PD and Harper Woods PD, working all shifts, and all aspects of police work.  I retired this year, and watching the movie reminded me of encounters I had when I was in the uniform.  Your technical advisors did a quality job of not only conveying accurate aspects of the job, but the personalities as well.  Great movie! (12/13/05)

Having been a member of NYC Police Department for 20 years, I thought it portrayed the "average day", if there is such a thing, in the life of the police with uncanny realism. Unlike many of the sensational productions showing nothing but action, glitz and bravado, it gave a more realistic view of the many mundane, boring, alienating & frustrating days in that life. The movie epitomizes how one can quickly go from that to real FAST, life threatening action and then back to slow again in short order. I have to say, overall it left me with a feeling of melancholy, although happy to be able to say that I'm now retired and working with ________. (much better quality of life). It's a feeling many get after retiring these days, "LAPD" (Life After the Police Department). (11/15/05)

A producer that Lovisa worked for recently sent her this email:

So I'm watching this movie on the Sundance channel and the cops have this San Lovisa patch on their arms and I seem to remember you had that patch on your jacket...

I kind of stumbled into the movie but I watched it end to end and loved, loved it. And then as I watched the end credits I think I counted your name at least six times. (8/22/05)

Man, did I like this movie. My dad was a cop, and you guys really nailed it. Enduring the same troublemakers every week, the boredom-inspired bull sessions. This is what films like "The New Centurions" tried to capture in the 70s. It all felt so authentic. Well done.

As much as I was drawn to the subject matter, the presentation was what made me rewatch the film three times. The unobnoxious directing and cinematography gives the film a naturalistic feel that's missing from too many movies today, and it's what I aspire to in my own attempts at film.

Thanks so much for making it. (8/16/05)

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The movie was terrific. The soundtrack was delicious.

Music, we want the music. Where is the music? (8/13/05)

Hello, I would just like to tell you that I loved this film.  I think it's certainly one of the better films about police officers.  It just felt so real and true.  I'm a film student and I was and still am writing a story about a police officer and always thought it was strange that there were no films about police officers that were real.  I saw this film in May 2005 and has certainly inspired me to a new level.  Thank you very much. (6/09/05)

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I watched EVENHAND the other night. It was great!!!!! I hope that you are considering making more police related films/ movies. You definitely have a new fan. (6/03/05)

I saw your wonderful web site and it is beyond words the information the journals on "Cherry" and "Evenhand" gave me to help make decisions about my film project "Double Frame", eg digital vs. film, the bad magazines on "Evenhand". The "Evenhand" commentary was excellent on making a low budget film but does not look like one.

I rented "Evenhand" at the Hollywood Video in my home-town of Hazlet, NJ.  What a great film and the acting of the two Bills.  Bill Sage was just incredible to watch.  The direction and DP work super.

Reading the e mail from Hart -Sharp depressed me when they said they need "names" to get shelf space.  I just saw "Shadow of Fear"  (2004) which has 6 spots in the store because they have James Spader, Aidan Quinn and Peter Coyote each on film at most 30 minutes each.  It is so confusing, poor acting and plot, bad character decisions etc.  can't hold a candle to "Evenhand" but the names draw the renters. (4/22/05)

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I got the DVD and watched it. The whole thing. Which is a tribute to you, since I have the attention span of a gnat and never get through DVDs or tapes (they usually remain half-viewed for the most part becuase of interruptions, and then I never seem to go back)----home just offers too many diverting things.

I liked it. The 2nd lead (the bad cop) bothered me--he is so unsympathetic and stereotypical--but then as you get into the movie and you beign to turn our perceptions around, it works.

Here's the kicker. After I watched it, I watched the entire thing again w/your commentary. I found that incredibly interesting for some reason. It was sincere, to the point, and educational. I am reminded again at the enormous work, commitment, and fragile decisions that go into making fiction films.

Congratualtions on this. I can't imagine why this movie wasn't more widely seen and appreciated. Perhaps it will be found once you direct a blockbuster hit or critical masterpiece. Who knows anymore. (12/05/04)

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Dear Mr. Pierson:

Of all the movies I've seen so far this year, in theaters or otherwise, EvenHand is my favorite. I stumbled upon it completely by accident on the Sundance Channel, so I came into it with no expectations. I was astounded by its quality. This is always the best kind of surprise. The worst kind is when I wondered, why haven't I heard of this movie? Why didn't it play Houston?, and discovered that it hadn't been released in theaters anywhere.

In some ways, we live in a sick culture. Multimillion-dollar garbage gets shoved into theaters every week, and there's no room for something like EvenHand?

I was sorry to read on your Web site, though, that you wouldn't try to make another movie like it. Not that, economically, you have much choice. But I would hope that at least some "stars", even if only those of a lesser magnitude, would recognize a quality script like that of EvenHand when they saw it, and sign on to a project like that. I'm a bit out of touch in some ways, though: I had no idea Bill Sage wasn't a "star", as he was instantly recognizable to me, through all his appearances in Hal Hartley's films. But I have to say, you got things out of him that I didn't know were there.

I've bought the EvenHand DVD-- the extra features were well done, though I wish someone would invent a way to have directors' commentaries played so that, when a director isn't actually speaking, the regular dialog track plays. I do admire your willingness to part with scenes that must have taken much effort to shoot-- I think you made the right decision to leave out what you cut. All of the deleted scenes shown would have damaged the picture if they'd been left in, I believe. Particularly the SWAT scene, which would have shifted too much focus to the psychopath, Mathers, and shifted a great character-driven film too much toward melodrama.

I hope between sales of the DVD and whatever broadcast fees the Sundance Channel might pay that you've at least been able to break even with the film. If you could find out how EvenHand fans could contact the dolts at BlockBuster Video to help persuade them to stock the DVD, I would be happy to write a letter or e-mail message or whatever in its behalf.

Congratulations on some fine work. You have every right to be proud.

Michael Hallman
Houston, Texas (9/17/04)

i saw the film on sundance last night ... i couldn't get away from it (not that i wanted to) ... it was quirky and heavy at the same time, and, the soundtrack was absolutely fabulous and a perfect fit.  congrats to all! (11/19/04)

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Thanks for your note. I just would like to tell you what a big fan I am of your movie. I spent some years as a Sheriffs Deputy for Bexar County, and I have to say although I'm normally a history movie fan, "Evenhand" has risen to be my favorite movie in my collection. I'll be looking for your new work as it comes out. I consider it a priveledge to hear from you. (3/15/04)

Oh and Even Hand was genius. (3/13/04)

I am so very touched by this powerful but quiet film. How refreshing it is comparing with the 'Over-acting" Oscar films.

I am a 50 years old female CEO of a computer company.  Thanks for the film. (3/10/04)

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So I have to admit, I watched Evenhand last night because I heard Doughty did the music for the movie. But ya know what? I loved it. It was great independent flick. Bravo.

Also, the Denver posse is really diggin' Billy Dawes. How hot is he? (itís a rhetorical question, really). We were wondering if Gogo Boy would be available for some freelance work at weddings, bar mitzvahs and the like. The pay is good. And the benefits are even better. Let us know, and again, congratulations to all of you on a job well done. (2/02/04)

a gem of a movie that shouldn't be missed.

I saw this film for the first time at Tribeca Film Festival and it created quite a stir. It is definitely a small film -- but it has a sense of realism that I have never seen in a cop film. My brother is a police officer and he said it's the most believable and honest depiction about what being a patrolman is really about. If you want to see and authentic piece of Americana, this IS the movie. (Posted on epinions.com 1/06/04)

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I just got through viewing "Evenhand" and it brought back a flood of memories from when I was a cop, as I worked in similar type communities.  I closely related with "Off. Francis," especially in the bar scene when he spoke of quitting; something that I actually did after 16 years.

I really enjoyed the movie and look forward to hopefully seeing more like it that you make. (12/22/03)

I'm a 26 year veteran of a major Southern Calif. department. I happened upon Evenhand by accident.  I only wish I had more accidents like this.  I am a big big fan of independent projects and this film only enforces this dedication.  The icing on the cake with regards to your film is the soundtrack.  I must someday find a way to own that.

The everyday challenges of police work were well presented in your film.  Both Mourning and Francis work in my department.  Both Mourning and Francis are a part of what I am, or have been as a cop.  Thoughful analysis of this profession by filmakers like yourself is well appreciated. (12/19/03)

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Hi...I was moved by the movie...I watched it tonight on sundance...the acting, the stories, everthing about the move was fantastic...the dedication of the movie to our fallen policeman,   thank-you for a wonderful movie... (12/15/03)

I was thrilled to see Evenhand play on our local Sundance cable channel tonight.  I saw this film at the Florida Film Festival early this year, and it was the only one I went back to see again.  

My brother is a canine police officer in Brevard County Florida, and I would like to buy this on DVD for him.  Amazon shows it available Jan. 2004.  

Can I order it from you guys?  I don't mind paying full price at all.

You really did an incredible job of visually and musically enriching a seemingly simple story of two cops.  Even tonight, I found in my third viewing looking for allusion, symbolism, and metaphor that would reveal more about the two main characters and their daily struggle to be good or bad and right about both.  And I love the signs.  

I see by your website that you have done other films.  Are they available for viewing?  I sure would like to see more of your work. (12/11/03)

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I just wanted to tell you that [we] watched your terrific film on Sundance last evening.

But I just had to send you a note and say that I was really impressed and very entertained by the film.  I also found myself thinking about the characters this morning as I got ready for work! I found them compelling and interesting-- and I really felt like I got to know so much about them through the excellent character development and storytelling.

Of course, I am not an expert critic, but I was really impressed.  I will definitely recommend the film to friends and family.

Congratulations on creating a truly engaging film-- (12/11/03)

I saw EvenHand for the first time tonite. Great film. (12/07/03)

I hope you've started on the next movie because you've got it down pat. The trick seems to be not how to make a really good movie but how to get it into the theaters. I loved Even Hand, probably even more than Julian Poe. Just when it got tedious and I was dying to get out of that squad car we got slammed and I realized the tedium was intentional. (11/12/03)

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Is there any chance that EvenHand will be available on VHS or DVD?  We saw this film at the Nashville Film Festival in April and thought it was GREAT! (9/21/03)

Just been having a good pore through the Evenhand site, it's so charmingly put together! It's good to see that you share so much of what went into making the movie with the fans. Loved the log-book and pics, too.

I saw the movie at an industry screening at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and was so impressed...I think I managed to get this much across (yup, I was the harassed floor manager who also reviewed Evenhand for a website.)

Never really got the chance to say at the time, but I just loved the atmosphere that you created in the movie, watched it in a chilly theatre but the warmth just came across so well on - screen, and the scene and settings created just captured moments perfectly. Hope so much that it gets a general release in the UK, as it would do so well! The showings at the festival here have generated brilliant word of mouth, so fingers crossed! Haven't given up on finding Cherry, just been told to try Blackstar, so am off to do that now. Good luck with the continuing festival circuit, and long live "San Lovisa" police force!

(PS - I will definitely be investing in a Fat Cop shirt!) (9/10/03

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a damn fine film,.. (9/05/03)

Just a quick email to say that I saw Evenhand at the Edinburgh Film Festival and I was just bowled over and charmed by it. In the middle of a very hectic month for us, it was a complete treat. And coming across
a bunch of new Doughty tunes unexpectedly was the cherry on the cake. The quality of the Q & A was excellent too (sorry for being nerdy and asking about the soundtrack during it).

The UK TV networks are full of pretty dreadful police/medic/fire dramas so it was great to see something thoughtful & well intentioned (most of my family are involved in those services). Hope it gets a decent UK
distribution and that the soundtrack gets some type of release.

All the very best for the future of the movie and hope you had a good time in Edinburgh. Cheers (8/30/03)

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It's not often we see a cop movie that hits us as being so realistic that we can truly believe in the characters as real people. EvenHand does exactly this. The film follows two very cops in smalltown Texas. Both of them are doing the job to the best of their ability and both have very different approaches Ė one has a no-nonsense approach and the other tries to be understanding and the people's friend. After seeing the more obvious failings of the first approach we are introduced to the downside of the more people-centred approach and realize, as do the cops in the story, that the answer maybe lies somewhere in between. It's a film not so much about the stories of petty crime they attempt to address but a careful and telling character study and comment on the difficulty of police work and finding the best way of doing the job, and in doing so becomes a moving emotional drama. In a climate where American movies usually spell style over substance, this is a welcome voice in independent filmmaking. (posted on the IMDb 8/25/03)

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I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your film, EvenHand. I was part of the student jury during the 2003 Newport International Film Festival and I also talked to you after youíre screening about how I had thought Toby was a girl throughout the film. I wanted to ask a few questions and also praise you on how well EvenHand turned out. I for one voted for EvenHand, but unfortunately when it came down to it the rest of the student jury liked Bollywood/Hollywood better. We debated over the two films for about two and a half hours only ending in my defeat and the award going to Bollywood/Hollywood. I saw your note about us in youíre Post Production Journal and thought Iíd let you know that EvenHand did not go unnoticed in our student jury.
ÖI would love to keep in contact with you to see what is new with Cypress and to talk more about one of the best films Iíve seen this year, EvenHand!  (8/17/03)

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Okay, not everybody thought EvenHand was God's gift to the Cop Film:

An attempt to document the day-to-day routine of a small town American cop in a fresh, amusing and intelligent way. The problem is we have seen it all before, and we've seen it done to much better effect. Francis has been transferred from another precinct and is initially unsure of the 'unusual' way his new colleagues operate. His new partner, Morning, is a hotheaded experienced officer, prone to abuse his position by playing jokes on citizens and, at times, harassing them. So far, so unoriginal. The only thing different about the film is the pacing of the action and humour, which goes for the slow burning American indie feel. But the film never really achieves this successfully. The jokes, though paced not to be laugh out loud funny, barely raise a chuckle. The performances are consistently bad throughout the entire cast. (One particular scene where Francis (played by Bill Dawes) gets drunk is eye-gougingly bad). The obligatory musings on life, relationships and 'what it means to be a cop', are not nearly as inspired or original as the filmmakers seem to think.

It looks quite nice for a low budget indie, but there just isn't enough here to make it stand out from 150 other buddy cop films. (Posted on the IMDb 7/16/03)

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Hello...i just saw evenhand at the Newport Film Festival and I just wanted to compliment you on a job well done...i thought it was a very well crafted, well shot film..unfortunately, i was at a screening that you werent able to attend, so i just wanted to email you on an amazing job..im a film student at temple university and i just wanted to say that its great to see that well made, thoughtful, yet at the same time entertaining films are still being made. thanks, it was eight bucks well spent. if you ever need a crew member who will work for dirt, gimme a ring (6/28/03)

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Congratulations on what I consider to be the top film at Tribeca and one of the best police films in years. (6/23/03)

Thank you for your email. I wanted to apologize for missing the screening.  Unfortunately, I had a little mishap earlier in the day, and was "out-of-order" for the rest of it.  I knocked my head on a shelf really badly and was so dizzy, I could barely stand. (5/19/03)

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I'm sorry I did not have time before this to tell you how much I enjoyed EVENHAND on Wednesday night. I just never go to the movies because there is always something that demands my time more but whenever I see one of your movies, I realize what I might be missing. Of course, most movies are not as good as yours but after seeing yours, I am inspired to give cinema another chance. I see some garbage that passes for being "critically acclaimed" and I revert to hibernation again in anticipation of your next production! A rather vicious cycle but, at least, I have the hope that you might be movedto produce something again so I can see the inside of my local cineplex.

I really, really enjoyed EVENHAND, I think more so because it was not black and white in its portrayal of anyone. Morning certainly had unattractive characteristics but you couldn't hate the guy and the scene where he discusses how much he dislikes when people answer him was very effective. Very simple and short but very good. It's too bad it takes so long to produce such a fine result because, as with Julien Po [sic] (still one of my favorite movies of all time), you are really a master at presenting simple stories and situations with universal lessons and themes. Kind of like comparing haiku to William Blake: good haiku is as profound but without demanding quite the same commitment of time and effort! (5/16/03)

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I wanted to repeat my praise of your film, which I thought was exceptionally well directed and acted. Its subtlety and nuance are qualities absent from nearly everything one sees these days, and I found myself haunted by the characters and their situations long after the film had ended.

I must confess that the movie was a great relief to me, for I always go to friendís shows with decidedly mixed feelings - wondering what Iíll do if I donít like the work. Happily, the opposite was the case this time, and so again I offer my most enthusiastic congratulations and canít wait to see what you do next. (It also struck me that you do exceptionally well as a solo director: does this spell a change in your working method?) (5/16/03)

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Frank Wuliger was kind enough to send a tape of EVENHAND along with a review from VARIETY.  I had a chance to look at the film this weekend.  Having lived in a small town in Kansas and Arkansas and going to college in New Mexico I have come across some very interesting Texans in my life. Officers Morning and Francis are no exception. You have a succeeded in making a great independent film.  Congratulations... I would ask that you please keep us in mind for any future projects you have in the works or that are completed that you think might be a fit for us [a distributor].  I think you are a talented filmmaker, it would be my pleasure to see more of your work. (3/25/03)

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Thanks again for the invite to your screening.  EVENHAND resonated very strongly with me; it's one of the most truthful cops films I've ever seen.  Here's hoping it gets picked up.

You had a real feel for the material, the characters, and the culture. You brought us into their world & made us care.  It took guts to make that picture--congratulations and thanks again. (5/15/03)

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I can honestly say that I do not often see any films (commercial, indie or otherwise) that are as well-crafted and moving as "EvenHand". My wife is even more critical than me, and she continues to marvel at what a wonderful film it is. The film certainly deserves a release and hopefully the TFF [Tribeca Film Festival] exposure will be helpful to that end.

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Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a great film. I'm a huge Mike Doughty fan, that's what drew me to the USA Film Festival screening in Dallas. Although Doughty's songs were phenomenal I was truly moved by how "right" you got it when it comes to a day on the job for cops.

Although I'm not a cop, I was a crime reporter in a small West Texas city for 5 years. I spent lots of time going on drug raids, at crime scenes and hanging out at the police station. I spent so much time with cops I started to feel like one. Until your movie I'd never seen anything that comes close to capturing the day to day nature of a cop's life on the job, the hardships they face and the fact that they're more than a little misunderstood.

In short, Evenhand was so well done it made me homesick for my old job and old friends.  When I got home from the screening I emailed my cop pals about the movie. Hopefully you'll find a distributor and one day my friends at the Lubbock PD can see it play in their hometown.

Thank you for making this film.

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WOW... Great Cop film (from advance preview copy)

First let me say that they have put together a very good team of actors and crew in this Midwestern police tale and I highly recommend it to everyone. I believe the timing/pacing was dead on, and the music soundtrack is killer as well. I look forward to getting a copy of it when it's available.

On a side note, during my days as a cop in the US Army and with the NYPD (Retired - Injury) I knew a few Officer Mornings and his/their cowboy ways, but I will not reveal details of the film in this review...
(posted on the IMDb)

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