JANUARY 10, 2003

Local Texas Bands Get Big Break in the Film
Industry with World Premiere of EvenHand

New York, NY - When New York-based indie production company Cypress Films chose San Antonio, Texas as the location for Joseph Pierson's feature film, EvenHand, it was more than local actors who got a chance at show biz. Texas-based musicians also contributed their songs and score to the independent cop film, penned by San Antonio native Mike Jones.

The film got a great response when it premiered in November 2002 at the AFI International Film Festival in Los Angeles. "'EvenHand' is borne in the same social-realist spirit as the films of Laurent Cantet and Ken Loach, and unfolds in a gentle, unhurried fashion that's increasingly rare in American independent cinema," states Scott Foundas's Variety review (12/2/02). "Jones (who is a Texas native) and Pierson (who isn't) have really done their homework here so that the fictional San Lovisa comes to live on the screen with a vividness of local atmosphere."

Part of developing that local atmosphere involved late night patronage of San Antonio bars featuring underground and emerging artists.

"The music scene in San Antonio was amazing, " said director Joseph Pierson. "We went out almost every night and brought home a huge stack of CDs. All of the source music in the film is by local San Antonio or Austin musicians, and I didn't have to make any compromises; every one of those songs is perfect in the film."

Alongside independent rock icon Mike Doughty (of the legendary group Soul Coughing), Texas-based musical groups and artists - Los Mescaleros, Geronimo Trevino III, Earl Musick and Jump Rope Girls - provide the heart of the filmís edgy alternative soundscape. Well-known Austin-based musician Jesse Dayton, who was labeled by the Houston Chronicle as a "star waiting to happen," contributed his song "Creek Between Heaven and Hell" from his record, Texas Tall Tales.

"After having more than my fair share of songs placed in Hollywood movies, I finally landed one in a film that was actually shot in Texas," states Jesse. "Joseph Pierson's film, "EvenHand" uses our state like an actual character in the movie!"

A soundtrack deal is probable once the film is sold, but in the interim, film festival-goers are likely to take notice of the local musicians' contributions. And with Variety projecting "limited theatrical exposure," the Texas-based musicians featured in the film may finally get a wider audience for their talent.

For more information about the individual artists whose work is featured in EvenHand, see the links section on the filmís website:

EvenHand is an official selection of the Edinburgh Film Festivalís Early Spring Showcase (March 14 - 16) and the Memphis Film Festival (March 27 - 30).

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