A Child's Christmas in Wales takes you on a lyrical journey into the heart of an old man. A journey back to the magic and marvel of boyhood where no two moments were ever alike and life was embraced with belief instead of doubt. On this special Christmas Eve, Old Geraint shares his heartwarming memories with his dearly loved grandson, Thomas. In one evening he does more than recall his cherished youth... he relives it.

An original movie for PBS and winner of 11 major film awards. Called "picture-perfect" by The New York Times, and "a genuine holiday classic" by the Chicago Tribune. Cypress was co-producer, co-distributor, and co-financier.

Interiors were filmed in the studio in Toronto and the exteriors on location in Montgomery, Wales (Trefaldwyn). We now have an Adobe PDF file of the sheet music for Towards Bethlehem, thanks to Dean C. Young (Adobe Acrobat Reader required - download it for free here). For more information about Towards Bethlehem and other music in A Child's Christmas in Wales, please visit our FAQ page.

Read the original poem, also available at many fine bookstores and in a wonderful audio version read by Dylan Thomas himself.


Directed by Don McBrearty

Writing credits
Jon Glascoe ... adaptation
Peter Kreutzer ... adaptation
Dylan Thomas ... poem

Denholm Elliott .... Old Geraint
Mathonwy Reeves .... Thomas
Glynis Davies .... Mrs. Wales
Michael Fawkes .... Father
Jesse McBrearty .... Young Geraint
Calum McGeachie .... Jim
Gwynyth Walsh .... Mother (past)
Nigel Bennett .... Father (past)

Produced by
Michael MacMillan .... executive producer
Joseph Pierson .... executive producer
Seaton McLean .... producer
Gillian Richardson .... producer

Original Music by Lou Natale

Cinematography by Tony Impey and Mark Irwin

Film Editing by Sally Paterson

Production Design by Gareth Hamber and Stephen Roloff



Sugarplums for Youngsters

Pulling more plums out first, probably the most satisfactory all-family entertainment is the meticulous version of Dylan Thomas's "Child's Christmas in Wales," which will be shown on Wednesday evening, Dec. 23, at 8 on WNYC and 9 on WNET. It features Denholm Elliot as a youthful grandfather in some indistinct modern period, chatting to his overexcited grandson and remembering back uncertain "whether it snowed for 6 days and 6 nights when I was 12 or whether it snowed for 12 days and 12 nights when I was 6."

But he is sure of the colors of the snow, the snowballs, the aunties, the songs and gifts of that long-ago Christmas in a small town in Wales, and he rambles on with such a persuasive confidence that the flashbacks seem to be perfectly reasonable glimpses into his mind's eye. The program is a treat to look at, with a picture perfect town, impeccable casting and costumes, but even more a treat to hear -- it is a pleasure just to listen to the language spoken so well.

"A Child's Christmas in Wales is a small treasure, a genuine holiday classic... it is a sweet sentimental production that ought to become a part of the holiday film pantheon, in the order of It's a Wonderful Life..."