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Name Title
Mary Ann McAlpin Costume Designer
Pamela Kezal Wardrobe Suprvisor
Amy Westcott Assistant Costume Designer

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The Job

Mary Ann designs some costumes, The Defender's for instance. She buys others, keeping in mind the character and the image the character might present.

A lot of what is called designing is shopping with intent.

Pam has the sticky tape to make sure dog fur doesn't wreck the look..

About Scene 2:

Mary Ann: How literal is the drooling?

Jon: Not. This dog doesn't drool.

Joe: Scratch the dog drool.

Mary Ann: Good.

Scene 50: Evy borrows clothing.

It is pointed out that whatever the clothing is, a shirt or a scarf or sweater, Evy should be wearing it at the football game.

Scenes 64-68: Leila tries on wedding dress at Yumi Katsura's

Elizabeth: One dress costs ten grand! And they are being nice enough to make our dress and give us their space.