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Name Title
Noah Vivekanand Timan Sound Mixer
Matt Armstrong Boom Operator

Take me Home

The Job

They record the sounds used in the film. Or, rather, they record the sounds made on location.

Noah mans a table with a tape recorder that is synched by a crystal pulse to the camera.

Matt holds the boom, which holds the microphone, usually above the actor's head while filming.

Ernest and Mammy's Apartment

The problem comes from the windows in the dining room.

An attempt will be made to build plexi windows to fit inside the windows, to seal them off. Though it is believed this won't do enough to block out the traffic from Amsterdam Avenue.

One alternative is City Quiet, a company that makes baffles.

Another are drapes on the window, which will cut down some of the light, but which will make it possible to shoot in the room.