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Lee Malecki Property Master
Stephanie Ferrante Assistant Property Master

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The Job

The prop department does some buying, though most of the props are acquired or made by the art department.

Where props is really important is on set. It is props that deals with continuity..

Flying Pancake Goo (scene 88): In the scene, Jack attempts to flip a pancake. The mess ends up on a customer. Because this is a tricky stunt to pull off, and to fixate on it could mean spending too much time on a peripheral event (the scene isn't about pancake flipping), it is agreed to go for it in the master. If it works, great, otherwise it's time to move on.

Because the dog playing Paxil is only good for 8 hours at a time it is decided at the production meeting to have props come up with a stuffed dog that can be Paxil (in the background) in long shots.

Scene 62--Dish will break on camera: Lee asks, "Will dish break on camera?" Yes. Which means many extras must be ready, as well as a broom and dustpan.

Scene 49: Evy brings porn mags. Feeds dog oysters.

Jon: How do oysters come?

Sherri: In cans.

Jon: No, fresh.

Joe: In shells.

There is great and extended discussion about whether oysters come in cans, like minced clams, or jars, like, well, oysters.

Everyone agrees smoked oysters come in jars and cans. There is near agreement that fresh shucked oysters come in a plastic tub.

It is decided that art will design an oysters label for a jar.

Scene A87: Stuffed Paxil makes an appearance.


The Prop Department will not be driving on the set.

Handwriting notes:

Lee: It's better if I do all the handwriting for Shalom. I'll imitate her, so that if she's unable to do it for some reason, we won't get hung up. We don't want to have to go into hair or makeup to get Shalom to right something.

The stuffed doberman is a dog, not a doberman.

Scene 84 New York Street--Evy rationalizes her treacher to Leila

Mary Ann has product placement bags she would love to use for the shoppers: They're real bags, they'll look great and we've gotten a lot of stuff.

Eddy: Who will drive the prop vehicles? An extra?

Joe: I think we should have known quantities to drive the limo, the cab, the rusty blue chevrolet.

Lee: The person who owns the car is not just dropping it off. They may be able to drive.

Scene 26:

Calls for the muffler on the Chevy to be hanging precariously.

Jon: Don't obsess about the muffler. We don't want to waste time getting this. The point is the car is a real beater.

Scene 46 New York Street NIGHT--Red drops her dog. The limo retrieves it:

Eddy: Does not having a condor (a scissorlift) and not having a wetdown help?

Phil (laughs): Not having a condor doesn't help.

Lee: It will be faster to wetdown if we have a truck.

Sevey: The hydrants are not in the best places.

Eddy: But the truck will cost us, if it's too cold to use it?

Lee: We don't have to pay for the water.

Eddy: Hydrant wetdown only.

Scene 54: Tin Roof Sundaes

Ingredients: Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, peanuts.

Sherri: No whipped cream?

Jon: No whipped cream?

Who wants a sundae without whipped cream?

Scene 42: Dr. Kirk's Waiting Room-- Leila is supersoaked in the waiting room

Note: She doesn't get wet on camera.