Department Pages

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Name Title
Jon Glascoe Producers
Joseph Pierson
Eddy Collyns Line Producer
Peggy Glascoe Associate Producers
Kim Moarefi
Liz Gaffney Production Manager
Becky Glupczynski Production Coordinator
Jen Cox Assistant Production Coordinator
Wendy Mooradian Product Placement
Julia Lallas Product Placement/Hair-Makeup Asst.
Rachel Talbot For Cypress Films

Take me Home

The Job

The production department runs the office and the location.

Scheduling of all types, as well as making sure everybody is doing their jobs (and can do their jobs) is the responsibility of the production department.

Why Eddy keeps saying "dog-lady":

Eddy: When I say dog-lady, I mean Barbara.

Scene 69 (Wetdowns for night shooting?):

Eddy: We're not using wetdowns as policy because it is winter. But if it's a beautfiul day and we can get permission [from the police/fire departments], then we'll do a hydrant wetdown.

Scene 71 (shooting out the kids):

Elizabeth: There will be times we have to shoot the kids out first. And just so you know, Dottie and Darcy, 15 and 17 respectively, are considered kids, too.

Scene 8 (Central Park):

Jon:: This is a hard day, outdoors. We'll need plenty of blankets and plenty of soup.

Elizabeth: This is our most exposed day.

Eddy: It's okay to shoot with snow on the ground.

Mary Ann: Where are the holding areas?

Sevey: They're not in the park. It will be a van drive. The problem is there aren't many people on Fifth Avenue ready to rent their house out for muddy football players.

Elizabeth: You'll be in one place all day long.

Sevey: You won't have to move.

Mary Ann: Good.

Scene 89 in Central Park:

This is the fallback day. It can be raining or snowing in this scene. If it snows or rains on any other day, Scene 89 gets shot.

Scene 84 New York Street--Evy rationalizes her treacher to Leila

Ideal to shoot around noon.

Plenty of production help needed to tie up sidewalk.

The Wedding:

Joe: We'll need scratch music to get the actors in step.

Jon: I hate the wedding march. Is there an alternative?

Lara: There is something. Brahms maybe. It's usually used for the bridesmaids. I'll bring it in.

Scene 29 Ernest and Mammy's House

This is really a location problem. The house is small and nicely done.

Wall spreaders are needed to protect it.

The cable runs must be neatly dressed.

Art has to do protection.

Scratch the fire in fireplace. No fire.

Scenes 4 and 5 Leila leaves house

Jon: Let's shoot 4 and 5 with and without the dog, to cover if we lose the dog.

Scene 19: Dr. Kirk's Exam Room

Prerig Friday for Monday shoot.

Eddy: The doctor's office doesn't work as cover for financial reasons. But if we have solid snow for a week of shooting at Central Park, we have to be somewheres.

Sherri: Let me make that call.