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The End (officially)

One of my early designs for a Cherry poster

The Cherry website has been pretty much dormant for some time now. All previous journal entries are still there, though, so I encourage you to visit the index and poke around. Click on the Journal logo below:

By all means, watch the movie, too (if you can find it). If you can't, visit the Showcase Entertainment website and ask them why Cherry isn't available on video! Grrrrrrrr! Last time I went to my local Blockbuster (July 2002) it was still there, but it's getting harder to find.

In other Cypress news, the EvenHand website is still being updated on a regular basis, so click on the logo below to see what's going on with our latest film:

And, before we go, here are some of the hidden treasures on the Cherry website:

- Joseph Pierson

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