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A Tribute to Dennis Kay

Cypress lost a dear friend recently: Dennis Charles Kay died of cancer on July 31st in Oxford, England. He was 47 years old.

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Dennis and Jon in the hospital in Oxford

We met Dennis years ago when we had the bright idea of making a big budget feature film on the life of William Shakespeare. We knew Dennis's reputation as an Oxford don and one of the world's foremost Shakespearean scholars, so we asked for his help. And did he ever help.

Dennis left Oxford, moved to the United States, rolled up his sleeves and wound up writing Will with us over the course of three years. It is, modestly, one of the finest scripts we've ever developed.

You know the rest. Shakespeare in Love came out, made millions, won everything and, while they're not exactly the same stories, their film borrowed enough from ours (yes, they had read our version) to render Will temporarily redundant.

The sense of loss was incalculable, but it pales in comparison to the loss we now feel at Dennis's death. We already miss him terribly.

Dennis is survived by two grown sons from a previous marriage, as well as a son Thomas (age 3) and a daughter Catherine (8 months) from his marriage to his wonderful wife Stephanie. Jon and Peggy are godparents to his two younger children.

We have established the Thomas and Catherine Kay Educational Trust to ensure that the kids grow up as special and bright as their parents. Please make any donations to the Trust c/o Jon Glascoe, Cypress Films, Inc., 630 Ninth Ave., Suite 415, New York, NY 10036.

Thank you.

- Jon Glascoe

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