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Cleaning House

After editing is done and your film is distributed, there is still a ton of stuff to do.  Dolly from Showcase Entertainment (our distributor) called the other day to ask if we had a French translation of the Shakespeare poem in Cherry.  It seems the translator for the French broadcaster was puzzled by the poem.  I replied that there wasn't any Shalespeare in Cherry.   Dolly said it was the poem that began "T'was brillig..."  I replied: that's not Shakespeare, it's Lewis Carroll, and furthermore, its utter nonsense!  How can you translate nonsense?  Dolly was quite insistent, so I told her I'd poke around to see if there was, in fact, a French translation of The Jabberwock.  After speaking for a few minutes on the phone with a writer friend, he did a search on the internet and lo and behold, there is a website with translations of the poem in five   languages!  Who would have guessed.  Dolly was pleased.

There also seems to be an endless amount of stuff that lingers long after a film is done.  As I was piling Cherry stuff in our already crammed storage closet, I got the best idea -- why not try selling some of these nifty items on the internet?  Well, we've done just that.  Please visit our new "Stuff For Sale page."  There's also a link on the Making Cherry home page.

customer_boa.jpg (36671 bytes)
Here's a snapshot that turned up recently --
Customer (Matt Servitto) in the church with
Boa Woman (Cary Curran)

Another new feature on our website is the guest book (also linked from the Cherry home page).  This is hardly breaking news in the world of the web, but we've never had one.  Please take a minute to sign in and tell us what you think of the website and/or the movie.  We're also interested in stories of how you found Making Cherry.  Some examples: A woman E-mailed me recently to say that she had done a search on "Paxil" "depression" and "pregnancy" and one of the suggested sites was Making Cherry!  I was too afraid to ask for details.  Another woman, who came to the office just yesterday for an interview, said she found the site by doing an internet search for "Cyprus," the island.  She misspelled it, though, and found us instead.   A vacation plan may have resulted in a career change; Beyond Distribution, which currently sublets from us, may be offering her a job.  Funny how life works.

Don't forget to rent Cherry at a Blockbuster Video store near you -- it only benefits us through the end of September -- and visit the EvenHand website to find out how our latest film is progressing.

- Joseph Pierson

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