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Unfortunately, we didn't accompany Cherry to the Brasilia Film Festival, but I guess one can't expect to hop around the world attending exotic film festivals when the next project still needs financing (see the EvenHand website).

We were first contacted by the Brasilia Festival about a year ago because they wanted to screen Julian Po.  I called Fine Line to get their permission to submit the film, which they were happy to give.  We hit a snag, however, when the festival discovered that Julian Po had already been released in Brazil on video, and was thus not eligible to compete.  In any event, they eventually screened Cherry and accepted it for the festival.  Here is the wrap-up e-mail from the festival director:

Subj:    Cherry in Brazil - sold out premiére
Date:    4/23/00 11:34:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Tarcila Messias)

hi Joseph,
great news about Cherry´s Brazilian premiére; I just came from the session
that was sold-out 15 minutes before the beginning - even people knowing
that it will have another two sessions at the following week! The venue is
not huge (only 95 seats), but they gave good and high laughs during all the
screening, specially at the end, wedding´s scene. I confess that it was
beyond my first expectations, specially to verify that even the fact that
it was the last session of the day (10 pm) and during a holiday (Easter),
people really came and love your film! So, let me thank you once again for
giving us the opportunity to share with Brazilian people a part of your
talent and intelligent humour.
I´m sending you a copy of the article that was published today.
Hope to have you next year with your latest project!
Bye now,

The article Carlos refers to was based on a telephone interview I gave to a local Brasilia paper.  I'll add it to the Publicity Page when it arrives, although my Portuguese is not what it used to be (it's there now - JP).

Don't forget to rent Cherry at a Blockbuster Video store near you and visit the EvenHand website to find out how our latest film is progressing.

- Joseph Pierson

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