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A Video Street Date

Blockbuster has told us that they are planning an April 18th release date for Cherry.  So, hop on down to your local affiliate and rent the film.  I went to the MPAA website the other day and discovered that our "R" rating was for "language."  I wonder what the threshold is for an "R."  We had five bad words.  Would four have been a PG 13?  Three?  If we had had no foul language but just a few grisly murders, what would that have gotten us?  Hmmm, it makes you wonder...

For those of you who missed the last journal entry, here is the spiffy video box.  There are only two differences between what you see below and what will be in the video stores: 1) the Janet Maslin quote will be posted on the box and 2) the dog will be different.  Neither one looks very much like our dog, Paxil, but the one they're using is free.  The photo of the dog you see below was $800, the same price that the picture service quoted for the photo of Shalom.  It's kind of weird that a photo of a cute dog costs the same as that of an internationally renowned super model.  Anyway, now you know the secret science of marketing decisions: we love the free dog.

Cherry Blockbuster Video box
Shalom won't be quite so shiny

There's not going to be a whole lot more to say here in Making Cherry land.  Our work is largely done.  Now it's up to Showcase Entertainment to close the deals in the foreign territories, and all you folks in America to rent the video.  After you have done so, please go to the Internet Movie Database and cast your vote for the film.  As of today, we're still waiting for five votes, the threshold for votes to actually appear on the site. 

From here on out, I will be focusing most, if not all of my attention on EvenHand, so I urge you to bookmark that site and follow our progress (there's a link below).  We expect to be in production by mid-June.  We'll probably be filming on location in San Antonio, Texas.  For those of you who have been reading the EvenHand journal, here's another photo from San Antonio.  The house on the right is leaning in several different directions at once.  While down there earlier this week, Jon and I ate in a restaurant called the Liberty Bar that was also considerably vertically challenged.  It's a San Antonio thing, I guess.

Crooked.jpg (64697 bytes)
The land of parallelograms

EvenType.jpg (24425 bytes)

- Joseph Pierson

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