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Cherry's Rating

Inching Toward a Video Release

As you know from reading the nifty ticker on the Cherry home page, we have an exclusive distribution deal with Blockbuster Video and the Sundance Channel (Viacom is the parent company to both entities).   Artwork is being designed for the video box (see below) and paperwork is being shuffled.   Those of you who have actually seen the movie will notice that the dog in the picture is not Marilyn, who played Paxil.  The photo of Shalom is also a stock shot, as opposed to a still from the film.  We weren't able to provide a good shot of Paxil and it was their judgment that a "There's Something About Mary" style cover would sell better.  One learns very quickly that it doesn't pay to argue with marketing types in these matters.

Cherry Blockbuster Video box
Here's what the box will look like (more or less)

Cherry had not previously been rated, but Blockbuster requested that we submit it to the MPAA since unrated films are banished to a special section of their stores and must bear the further indignity of having a warning sticker affixed, regardless of content.  The advantages of having a rating were obvious, so we sent the print out to L.A. for the MPAA to screen.

Imagine our surprise when the film came back with an "R" rating.  If you haven't seen the film, let me explain: while the themes in Cherry are indisputably adult -- a 29 year-old virgin wants to have a baby by having sex with a total stranger -- the execution is incredibly chaste.   There is no sex, no nudity and the dialogue, while frequently sexual in nature, is oblique and humorous.  There are a few cusswords: (3) fucks and (2) shits to be exact.  How those weird little people at the MPAA managed to turn that into an "R" is completely beyond me.  We're not unhappy with the news, though -- maybe all of those boys who have a crush on Shalom will rent Cherry in the hopes that we got her all liquored up and made a soft-core porno flick!

Release dates will be posted here when we have them.  The earliest it will be is April 2000.  AND PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL BE HAVING A READING OF EVENHAND AT THE NUYORICAN POETS CAFE (236 E. 3rd St. between Avenues B & C) ON TUESDAY APRIL 4TH!  The reading starts at 8:00 PM.  Call 212-529-9329 for reservations.  For details on cast, etc., please follow the above link to the EvenHand website.  In the meantime, here is a photo of Lovisa mugging with the cast of The Donkey Show, a fabulous off-Broadway show that sets Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in the 70's disco era.  Our friend Forrest Mallard, author of the acclaimed Production Notes, highly recommends the show!   More about Forrest and the future of Production Notes in a future entry...

Lovisa & the Donkey Girls
Lovisa Does Disco

- Joseph Pierson

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