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Art Greenwich Theater
Our first NYC theater marquee (top billing!)

What's Going On?

As I mentioned in my last entry, Janet Maslin's review of Cherry appeared in the 12/10/99 New York Times.  It was a favorable review, which makes us very happy.  If you would like to read the review, go HERE.

We have a video deal for Cherry, the details of which will be posted here as soon as it's signed.  It's an exclusive deal with a national chain, so odds are Cherry will coming to a store near you.  And as soon as we can, we will be offering videocassettes of Cherry for sale here on the website.  Many foreign TV and video sales have been made; others are pending.  As soon as we have an official list from Showcase Entertainment of territories that have been sold, we will post the results here.

So, what else is going on here?  We have modified our EvenHand schedule and anticipate casting to begin in January.   Production will depend entirely on cast interest and availability.  Jon continues to work on In the Pines, an original screenplay.  We will begin shopping the screenplay in early February.  We also have a new interactive web-based film project that Lovisa and I have been working on.  If our web partners like it, it will be up and running sometime in Spring or Summer of 2000.  Look for details soon on the Cypress website.

This is our last entry for the 20th century, so unless the world comes to an end (and I don't think it will), we'll see you in 2000.

- Joseph Pierson

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