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Just so you know that it's not all drudgery here at Cypress, I'm offering a little peek at our leisure activity:

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Ken, Mona and Peggy dance on the bar,
dangling live electric wires notwithstanding

The above photo was taken at about 2:30 AM one morning in Siberia, a bar located in the 50th Street IRT 1/9 Subway station.  Yes, it's a bar in a subway station.  We used to hang out at the Film Center Cafe, but they fired all of our favorite waitresses, so we switched allegience to Siberia.  Siberia doesn't have waitresses.  Siberia does occasionally have a ceiling (when Mona is not dancing on the bar) and a bathroom (when it is working).

Jon and I discovered Siberia when we were editing Cherry around the corner in the Brill Building.  There is no better way to relax after a long day in the editing room than with a Vodka cocktail and a never-ending parade of actors, doormen for nearby strip clubs, sullen alcoholics and other colorful characters.   Winona Ryder tended bar there a few weeks ago.  Jon Glascoe tended bar there last week.  We love Siberia.

In other news, Cherry will be screening at the Breckinridge Festival of Film in mid-September.  If you're in the area, stop by and watch us gasp for air (it's 9,000+ feet above sea level).  Cherry will also screen in October at the Kudzu Film Festival in Athens, Georgia.  Details have been posted on the Film Festival Page.

And do give the latest Cherry contest a whirl.  Imagine the thrill of having a name you choose on a real motion picture.  All of your struggling screenwriter friends will positively smolder with envy.  Go to the Contest Page and read the rules.

There are other interesting things going on here, but no stories to tell yet.  As we spend an increasing amount of our time on Evenhand (our latest project), this site will have fewer entries and I will urge you to shift your attention to the new EvenHand website, which has been considerably improved since the last Cherry journal entry.

Here's a link: EvenType.jpg (24425 bytes)

And a parting shot:    Siberia3.jpg (13325 bytes)
                                 Jon & Mona having fun

But, who the HELL is Mike???

SiberiaMike.jpg (14932 bytes)
The offending tattoo

- Joseph Pierson

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