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Once again it's been a while since the last update.  This time I have a really good excuse: a two week vacation in Italy with the wife and kids and mom-in-law.   Considering the enormous potential for personality conflict disaster syndrome, we all had an excellent time.

First things first: the Westchester screening.   Some of you may be wondering why we had such a screening in the first place.   Westchester is a perfectly nice part of the greater metropolitan area, but independent filmmakers don't often screen their films there -- it's not known for being a hotbed of indie taste-makers.  The true purpose of the screening was to show Cherry to a prominent film critic who lives in the suburbs and had agreed to watch it (said critic will hereinafter be poetically referred to as "X").  We could have sent X a tape, but Rule One of comedy is that it always plays better with an audience, so an actual screening in a theater with fresh viewers around seemed like a pretty good idea.

Shannon (my incredibly fabulous new assistant) and I arrived at the theater at about 9 AM armed with a role of masking tape.  The print had been delivered the day before so the projectionist could splice the reels together and put them on a huge platter. The purpose of the platter is to eliminate the need for a projectionist to sit in a booth and manually switch from one projector to the next for every reel change; only one projector is used for each film and a single projectionist operates ten projectors.  The purpose of the masking tape was to tape off all but 4 rows of the theater.  We assumed correctly that we would get an audience of about 30 people and I didn't want them scattered around a theater that seats 220. Rule Two of comedy is that you want your audience densly packed so that the uproarious laughter can feed off itself and not be diffused by sound-absorbing empty seats.  Having successfully taped off the seats (elapsed time: 1 1/2 minutes), Shannon, her friend Wendy and I sat outside and waited whilst nibbling our nails.

The audience finally began dribbling in at around 9:45; at about 10 AM X arrived and the screening began.  After a brief introduction by Yours Truly, a trip to the phone to resolve the persistent house lights problem (movies play better in the dark), I was able to sort of relax.

I am pleased to report that X is a fan of the film.   Why am I being so coy about the identity of X?  Until X actually reviews the film, it would not be appropriate for me to report that X likes it.  Feel free to guess, but I will not reveal X's identity -- unless you take me to Siberia Bar and feed me numerous vodkas (more on Siberia in the next entry).

In other news, Cypress is pleased to announce that we have identified our next project:  EvenHand, an original screenplay written by Michael Jones, a Texas ex-pat living in New York.   Jon Glascoe and I will co-direct again and Peggy Glascoe will make her debut as a producer.  EvenHand will be filmed entirely on location in Texas, in a city to be determined in October/November.  For a brief description of EvenHand, see the Development page on the Cypress Films website OR visit the brand new EvenHand Website for a synopsis and perhaps more, depending on how far I have gotten in the construction process.

Here's an intriguing EvenHand image that hopefully won't look too ridiculous on your computer (half-tone images are the worst!)

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- Joseph Pierson

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