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Another long silence ends.  I have to say, sitting around waiting for someone to distribute your film is nothing like making a movie.  And making a movie is a whole lot of fun.  Catch my drift?

The good news is that we have signed a deal with Showcase Entertainment for Cherry's foreign distribution rights.  Showcase and its principals came highly recommended by our friends in the business and offered a competitve deal.   Plus, they really liked the film, which is perhaps the most important factor in our decision to go with them: you want someone with genuine enthusiasm selling your film to the parades of glazed buyers out there in the world.  For contact information on Showcase visit their website or see the Distributors, Producers Reps, Publicity & Press page.

On the domestic front, the film is out to a couple of smaller US distributors whose scouts came to the New York cast & crew screening and expressed enthusiasm for the film.  We'll see what happens.  A domestic deal is the Holy Grail of independent filmmaking, and rightly so.   Basically, a domestic release is the only way for your film to have a chance at playing in theaters outside of the US and Canada.  Why would some little theater in Vienna choose to screen your film without the support of a US release, when there are hundreds of American films to choose from?  The answer is: they wouldn't!  The foreign deal we just signed doubles in value if we get Cherry in theaters in the US.  And a couple of "Thumbs Up!" don't hurt either.

In the meantime, there is little left for us to do here at Cypress on the Cherry front.  Showcase is going to be cutting a trailer for the film, which I would love to put up on the website when its done -- if I can manage to figure out how.  We will submit to a couple more festivals and will of course report on any future screenings of the film.

So, what are we doing with ourselves?  Jon has just finished a treatment, called The Shortest Day.  It's a high-octane thriller set in our hometown (New York), and a possible vehicle for the very star whose producer wrote the nice letter about Cherry (see The LA Story).  Next up for Jon is an original screenplay, which is being financed by another Cherry fan, titled In the Pines, which falls into The English Patient territory.

I am working with our partners, Carlyle Productions and Rob Morrow, to put together the financing for our next Cypress project, a romantic comedy about a guy with Tourette Syndrome called Touched, which Rob will direct.  We have a cast attached, and a good one at that, but I am sworn to secrecy at the moment.  As soon as all the financing is in place, we will make a big splashy announcement.

The next update will come when we have more news to report.  Until then, I remain,

- Joseph Pierson

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