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Name Title
Joe Sevey Locations Manager
Matthew Schwartz Assistant Locations Manager
Steven Kim Locations Assistant
Ko Niizuma Parking Coordinator

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Making Cherry

The Job

Locations finds likely places to shoot the scenes in the movie, arranges for the director and producer to see them and choose, and negotiates the contracts.

There are a million details to be worked out, including access to electricity, phones, elevators, parking spaces and many more.  And just when everything is worked out, the schedule changes!

Overheard outside muffin shop:

Phil (to Sevey): You know that place where I said it was okay to put the truck...

Sevey (interrupts): It's no good.

Phil (nods): It's no good.

Scene 8 (at statue)/Scene 74 (football game):

Joseph will go with Lara to shoot the football game.

Jon will go with Phil to shoot at the statue.

Jon: This is a place where two directors are a big help.

Joseph: But I don't know anything about football.

The Church:

Sevey: The church is a cold location. Even if it's warm outside it's ten degrees colder inside. It's incredible.

Because of the cold, and the skimpy wedding dresses that Leila and Evy are wearing, getting doubles to stand in is essential. But standins wearing different clothes, when the clothes are white wedding gowns, will affect the balance of color in the scene.

Phil: It would be ideal to have a variety of shoes to make the stand-ins different heights. It would be good to have doubles for all the clothes.

Mary Ann (indredulous): Doubles for the wedding dress?

Phil: Everything.

Mary Ann: You mean color coverage.

Elizabeth: We understand the limitations. We're an independent film.

Mary Ann: We'll do our damnedest.