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Kyra and Evelyne


Name Title
Evelyne Noraz Key Make-up
Kyra Panchenko Key Hair
  Key Assistants

"Hair and Makeup are jobs of skill, but in the end the balance is 33% skill, 67% psychology. These are the people the actors wake up to in the morning. And they end their day with them at night.

"If they don't make the actors feel good about themselves it doesn't matter how talented they are."

Jon Glascoe


Jon: "The important thing is that in every new scene she has a new embellishment. If the script says her hair is purple, well, maybe, but it is more important that as we go along she is continually doing new things to herself."


The question is: Is it better to have Dr. Kirk with real stubble or real stubble?

A survey of the shooting schedule shows that Kirk can always have at least one day's growth before the scenes he needs stubble.

Kyra: It is always better to have fake stubble, because you have more control. But the problem is that fake stubble sometimes looks fake.

Evelyne: If we go with real stubble I can exagerate it, if there is something to work with.

Elizabeth: Jake needs to be reminded not to shave.

Kyra: We'll just tell him that we'll shave him when he comes in.

[This all, of course, has changed because of the the changes to the schedule.]

Opening Scene: Churchyard--

This is a big day for hair and makeup. All extras, there are many of them, need to come made up.

Evelyne: There will be time to do touchups as needed.

Scene 29: The Bar

This cover set, for Day 16 exteriors, is for a day when Dr. Kirk should have no stubble.

Kyra: We will have to make do.