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Mail Cherry


Name Title
Aaron Dawley Key Grip
Nicholas Charnet Best Boy/Grip
Damon Salerno Dolly Grip
Wesley Battle 3rd Grip

Take me Home

The Job

The grips are responsible for making sure the lights stay where they're put, and for laying down track and "dance floor," smooth flooring for dollying.

Grips build scaffolding and run other equipment that elevates lights and cameras into the air..

Scene 39 Elevated Subway Track--

Scene 39 is scheduled after Scene 84, which takes place on the street. The split day requires that the company move between scenes.

Aaron: I may want to split my crew up onto the subway.

Scene 26 New York Street--

Eddy: This day scares the grips.

Jon: I like it.

Joe: Fear is character building.

Scene 47:

Aaron says he needs a truck and extra grips. Wetdown by fire hydrant.

Scene 19: Dr. Kirk's Exam Room

Aaron: Lay dance floor here?

Phil: There is one hump in the floor, that's it. And if we have to go over that we'll have to go up on rails.

Scene 18: Dr. Kirk's Outer Office

Though scheduled later than the exam room scenes, the order could be reversed to give grips and art more time to set up inside.