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The contest entries ran the gamut from the sublime (A Simple Request) to the mundane (Not Thirty) to the ridiculous (We Shot in Hoboken, Leila Wishes She'd Moved) (sorry, Eddy).  After much deliberation, I came up with the winning title for Cherry for all foreign territories: Anything But Love.  While Showcase was very enthusiastic about the new name, they ultimately decided that it made more sense for Cherry to have the same name in all territories, so Cherry it is.

As promised, we will send a Cherry jacket to one of the contest participants picked at random. And the winner is:

Dyann DelVecchio

Thanks to everyone who participated!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is what it was all about:

Showcase Entertainment, our foreign distributor, has suggested that we rename Cherry because most foreigners just won't get the sly double entendre of the name (see Ask Cherry if you don't get it either).  So, here's your chance to be the first on your block to name a feature film. 

If you have not actually seen the movie, read the script.  If that seems like too much trouble, read the synopsis

The Rules: By entering "Name That Movie" you agree that if your suggested title is chosen as the name of our film it becomes the property of Cypress Films, Inc. and it's successors and assigns for use internationally and domestically as the name of our film, currently titled "Cherry," in all known mediums and markets throughout the world in perpetuity.   If you are chosen as the winner, you agree to accept as sole compensation one of our incredibly rare fuzzy black polar fleece Cherry jackets*.  In the case of duplicate entries, the one with the earliest time and date stamp wins.   We don't guarantee that we will like any of the names suggested, but even if we come up with a better name ourselves we will send one jacket to someone who enters the contest.  In that case, a prize drawing will take place in Siberia Bar on September 15, 1999.   Price Waterhouse will not be present, but Mona will.  Contest deadline: 11:59 PM on September 9, 1999.  Enter as often as you wish.

If you agree to all of the above rules, you may enter this contest by clicking on the mail guy below and sending us an e-mail with "Name That Movie" as the subject and your suggested name(s) in the message.  Also, be sure to check the Internet Movie Database before you send your entry in; we can't consider any name that's already been used.

*Peggy said the "Cherry" hat wasn't good enough, so a jacket it is.

- Joseph Pierson

To go to the Cherry home page, click on the "Making Cherry" logo at the top of this page.

  1. Love and Other Strangers
  2. Love Lost & Found
  3. No Strings Attached
  4. Baby Wanted, Husband Optional
  5. Looking for Love...
  6. Clown Calls
  7. Muffin in the Oven
  8. The Muffin Shop
  9. A Man, A Woman, Her Muffin
  10. The Old-Fashioned Way
  11. Holding Out
  12. A Simple Request
  13. A Virgin's Birth
  14. The Muffin Men
  15. Finding Love the Hard Way
  16. I Broke My Promise
  17. Some Promises are to be Broken
  18. A Baby for Leila
  19. Late Bloomer
  20. Leila's Egg
  21. Biological Clock
  22. Ask Dr. Beverly
  23. Leila's Promise
  24. Love at Harvard
  25. Love Finds Leila
  26. No Romantics, Please
  27. Not Thirty
  28. Runaway Groom
  29. Singled Out
  30. Post-Its
  31. The Last Conceited Virgin Queen
  32. Leila Learns to Love
  33. Will You Love Me?
  34. Soiled Wedding Dress
  35. Romance on the Side
  36. Losing It
  37. Leila Sweet
  38. Filling Promises
  39. Guys Are Like Cigarettes
  40. The Natural Way
  41. Love's Uncommon Request
  42. The Virgin Bride
  43. The Waiting Game
  44. Looking for Love
  45. We Shot in Hoboken, Leila Wishes She'd Moved
  46. Eddie Gets Leila
  47. Close Your Eyes Leila
  48. Wake Up Leila
  49. I Got Drunk and Kissed a Clown
  50. Anything But Love

Last updated: February 25, 2004