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Jon watches as David picks the winners


Some things people registered to win:


The prize drawing was held on 2/02/99.  David McCallum, who was with us in the studio doing ADR (additional dilaogue recording), drew the winners at random from a complete list of Cherry registrants.  The names were each placed on a separate piece of paper and mixed in a styrofoam bowl (provided by Sound One for the occasion).

The Winners:

1st Place:   Ellen P.
A signed production still & 2 Cherry hats

2nd Place:  Bill Whitaker
A production still and a Cherry hat

3rd Place:  Lynne G.
A car* and a Cherry hat

4th Place   Karen G.
A Cherry hat

5th Place:  Erin Scherer
A Cherry hat

All prizes have been successfully awarded!

*She asked for a car, so we're sending her one, although it's not very big...

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- The Car -

  1. A production still
  2. Anything
  3. Surprise me
  4. $1,000,000
  5. Autographed production still
  6. Cherry Hat
  7. I'm flexible
  8. Can't decide right now
  9. Part in upcoming film
  10. Signed script used by either director
  11. Autographed picture of Jake Weber
  12. Pee bucket (see 2/25/98 entry for explanation)
  13. Anything to do with David McCallum
  14. Four tickets to opening night
  15. A car (see photo below)
  16. A Jacket
  17. Sweat shirt (we don't have these)
  19. anything
  20. Day in the Editing Suite
  21. makes no diff
  22. A date with one of the director's wives
  23. Donovan's clothes
  24. Anything, as long as it's David McCallum
  25. Read one of my scripts
  26. Shalom's autograph
  27. A trip to Hollywood
  28. To Direct a film
  29. Something to do with Laurel Holloman
  30. Anything to do with Laurel Holloman
  31. Autographed picture of David McCallum