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Name Title
Phil Abraham

Jeffrey Laszlo

Director of Photography (through March 1)

(after March 1)

Tim Norman 1st Assistant Camera
Douglas Johnson 2nd Assistant Camera
Josh  Paulson Loader
  Camera Intern

Take me Home

The Job

They take the pictures and set the lights and check the gate.


Scene 34 video: The prospective sperm donors are interviewed on camera. There is much discussion about what format to shoot the video in. And whether it should be shot in video at all. It is decided to run tests before deciding.

2nd Unit: One issue is the shot of the NY skyline. The 2nd unit was scheduled to shoot the shot on January 6th, but someone pointed out that both the Empire State Building and the Met Life Buildings were lit with green and red, tying the film directly to Christmas.

Elizabeth: Does anybody know when they change from the Christmas colors?

Sevey: Matt says if we wait one day they'll go to white lights on Wednesday.

Elizabeth: Let's wait one day.

Opening Scene Churchyard:

Phil: If I'm not shooting by 7:15 AM we're in big trouble.