Department Pages

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Name Title
Sherri Adler Production Designer
Allyn Howard Set Decorator
Heather Cottrell Art Department Coordinator
Melissa Stampley Leadperson
Shannon Bowen Set Dressers
Hugh Brandon Kelly Art Driver/Dresser
Julia Evins Graphic Designer
Freda Clax Art Intern
Gabriel Marquez Florist
Cheryl Klienmen Wedding Cake
Che Chisholm Day Players
Cathy Cottrell
Roy Williams

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The Job

The Art Department makes or chooses all the things you see in a movie.

They build the character's apartments and places of business. They choose what hangs on the lead's refrigerator door, or from the villain's rear-view mirror.



Oatmeal Steam (scene 83): Sherri says: "The solution is to get the oatmeal really hot. That's the best way to get it to steam. As it turns out, we only need the steam in the close-up, so we'll be ready to reheat the oatmeal if we need retakes."

Scene 13: Leila posts "NO MENUS" sign.

In order to have the menus look real in the film, without risking some kind of lawsuit for trademark infringement or libel, the art department has made up menus of all the major takeout food groups: Chinese, Italian, Pizza, Japanese.

Scene 53: Ernest and Mammy's

Art is bringing their own chairs, rather than usuing the stools at the location.

Scene 87: The Bar

Sherri: This is a heavily dressed set. If we go to cover (shoot this location, indoors, on a day when the weather is too bad to shoot and exterior scene) when can we get in to dress?

Eddy: In the morning.